Patterns in animas pump

I cant figure out how to add a new pattern in my Animas vibe pump. Can someone advise?

Thank you much!

Do you mean add a new basal pattern?

You may need to go into Setup. Select advanced. Scroll down and select the right arrow. YOu should see a screen with BOLUS details on top and BASAL at the bottom. It should show Programs. On my pump is says 4 but if it says 1 use the up arrow to scroll to the number and press OK. Number will flash. Use arrow to change to 4.

If you now go into your Basal program from the Main menu, you will see four programs A1 to 4 indicated (marked weekday, other, weekend and excercise). YOur current program will be indicated in upper case letters. Scroll down to another one, select it and you can then edit it and select it using Go.


How do you like this pump? Have you ever tried others? I have a medtronic and the animas rep is coming tomorrow to demo. Id love to get some personal feedback.