Peanut Butter Tootsie Rolls?

Happy 4th of July everyone! Today was a perfect 4th of July day - especially since the last two weeks have been rainy around here. Even yesterday, it rained like cats and dogs. They had a blast at the parade and it was the first time in seven years that my Husband was able to go along. Usually, he has to work. There was so many people there watching the parade. Thank you to the kind people who allowed our kids a front row seat and let them sit at their bench. They had so much fun and got lots of candy/prizes. They ofcourse were not allowed to eat any of the candy until "Mom and Dad" inspected it! They were happy with that and they were allowed to eat one sucker with lunch. My oldest daughter, Gwen, was so good about this - knowing that her sister was not allowed to eat her candy anytime she wanted too - she understood. They were happy with the sugar-free flavor ice that I packed in the cooler. We really do not have alot of candy in our house. You should have been there to see them. They were like "Mommy and Daddy, look what I got", "Look at this","Mommy - Candy"! The people around us gave a little chuckle because they were so happy! I overheard Gwen talking to the gentleman who allowed them the "best seats"...

Gwen: Look at the size of this tootsie roll!

Man: Wow!

Gwen: There must be peanut butter inside or something?

Man: There is no peanut butter inside tootsie rolls!

Gwen: Then it must be chocolate.

Man: Must be.

(My husband kneels down and says, you know that she has been a little candy deprived, due to her sister’s condition when she thinks that there is peanut butter inside a tootsie roll!)

How true that is, but a little sad too!

The picture above shows Gwen and Olivia looking at the Allegheny River after the 4th of July Parade.