Peanutbutter Reigns as Supreme; Thanks for the Welcome!

Thanks for the familial welcome! I already feel a part of something here. Does anybody else use the Omnipod system? When I was choosing between the selection of pumps, I was drawn to the Omnipod because it was tubeless and allowed for more flexibility. So far, I have had only one pump disruption, where the tubing probably had a kink in it or it became dislodged. Otherwise, the pump has been smooth-sailing and much better than 4-6 injections a day for me, personally. I usually have 3 meals a day, plus one afternoon snack and one before bed, leaving me with 5 boluses on average. My meal-time carbs average around 60-75 g carbs; this may sound bizzarre, but when I receive challenges, I enjoy taking them on and trying to take advantage of them. For instance, when trying to navigate the lower-carb underworld, I think it's fun to find food that has less carbs -- but I maximize them to making me feel more full by adding more fruit, and low-glycemic foods into the mix. I am a big eater to begin with, but I have embraced the new ideology of eating more balance, healthier meals -- with the occasional spoiler (who doesn't like that?): my favorite dessert has to be something with milk chocolate drizzled over it, whether it's ice cream or something with peanutbutter mixed into it--try sugar-free pudding, peanutbutter, and whip cream. Super dark chocolate suffices as well: 7g for 1/4 of the bar depending on what type you buy. In fact, mixing peanutbutter in anything is amazing. 6/7g x 2 tablespoons. Go for the non-hydrongenated for healthy living. Favorite spoilers for you guys?