Ok, I’ve done it again! I hope I’m not going to get addicted to Ebay but the other day I won my second auction and it arrived yesterday!

I bid .69 cents for a pedometer (actually it’s a Cardiotachometer Tester, Pedometer, Calorie Step Counter) and won the bid. It came from Hong Kong, postage was $9.99, so I paid a total of $10.68 AUD

Features of the pedometer are as follows:

  1. Brand new
  2. Clock
  3. Cardiotach ometer test: Put your forefinger on sensor, and it will count your pulse per minute
  4. Steps Counter (Km)
  5. Calories counter
  6. Stop watch
  7. There is a hook at the back, that could fix the item on the belt.
  8. Power: 1pc x CR2032 Battery (included)
  9. Dimensions: 7.1x5.7x2.2cm

Now I just hope I start to use it, I thought it might be an incentive for me to walk a bit more. :slight_smile: