Pen and paper what's that

Anyone remember the beloved letter, the art of sitting down composing yourself and putting pen to paper sounds old fashioned these days time wasted I have heard some folks say but there seemed and still does seem something personal flashes of memories as you put each word down on the paper, I would even go so far as to say love and a part of you goes into most letters well mine being able to hold see the hand writing mistakes and all is something embedded deep in my brain, emails are wonderful little almost instant communication but it does lack the whole pleasure of holding a pen seeing a blank piece of paper and truly emptying one's feelings out to another, call me old fashioned my kids do but I can remember when waiting for a letter was exciting keeping it for ages reading it over and over again how many emails do you read more than once My Angel still has the love letters I wrote way back in 1965 sadly I lost hers after finishing this blog I am going to sit down in the back room with pen and paper and write her another love letter thanks for popping by twiddle