Pens Vs Pumps | BG Meters Vs CGM

Alright, everyone gives their opinion by rating each device from 1 to 10 , 10 being awesome, 1 being bad. and of course a more verbal side-comment is always welcomed if desired.

I just thought it would be interesting to see which type of gadget is more preferred by the community, I myself being a devout Pen loyalist (though, from what I see, people here somehow happen to like their (or long for an) insulin pump, and am considering the CGM.

Cheers :slight_smile:

well, I love my pump, not sure I’d go as high as a 10. They didn’t have pens when I went on the pump, so I’ve never tried them. I also never tried the CGM, although most people I know here who have them love them. Besides the fact that I’m a big baby when it comes to just needles, that thing you have to insert looks like a scythe or a sword, and also I have so many areas already that have scar tissue, I wouldn’t want to be sticking more stuff in. I have a hard enough time now finding good real estate for infusion sets.

Pump: Omnipod 8
Pens: Humalog : 6
BGmeter…Freestyle w/the Omnipod: 9 (butterfly strips are awesome!)
CGM: no idea.

Pump: 9
Pens: 8
CGM: 2 ( I had a lot of problems with my CGM, I went off of them about 2 years ago)
BGmeter: One Touch Ultra Mini: 10 love this little guy

My ratings are as follows, I love the GCM and rate it a 9, since I no longer have insurance and they are very expensive to buy I have been using the One Touch Ultra Mini and I rate it an 8. I currently use the paradigm minimed pump and I give it 10, its a must have for me!

hmm interesting, i always thought pens were always of more abundance than pumps? yeh needles are scary for many ppl, but somehow i feel its much more practical and easy, and less is attached to your body

i really like the idea of CGMs, but im afraid of when it comes to sports like swimming, and how it would be effected by such conditions

yeh pens would result in a bit of a higher rate of them i guess. but in total the needle is in contact with your body for like 40 seconds in total per day, wait, doesnt that make it potentially less harmful then?

i see,
what kinda complications did u get from CGM? what brand was it?

For me its pens all the way - having an external pump attached to me just isn’t suitable with my lifestyle at the moment. I also use a BG meter rather than the CGM due to issues with accuracy and reliability.

GM Optium Xceed - 7 (would’ve scored higher if it weren’t for the flimsy battery cover)
NovoPen - 9 (had this pen for around 10 years + extremely well made)
Lilly HumaPen - 7 (had for around 5 years - too much plastic for my liking)

I never had pens, I’d rate my MM 722 a 9, OneTouchUltraMini a 9 and MM CGM a 9 too. I like them all a lot.

Pens were never an issue for me, never afraid of shots, didn’t bother me to take a shot in a restaurant although I would have to excuse myself to go to a restroom occasionally. Increments aren’t as fine as a pump. Lantus and Novolog seemed to work well for me. Always had good A1c’s on pens. Pens - 7- 8

Went on the Dexcom CGM first. I really like it. I could see exactly how things were going, day and night. But it doesn’t replace my glucometer. I find I test just as often (8-10 times) day. The CGM runs about 15 minutes behind but shows me when it’s falling dangerously low or going high and then I can check which helps because of my hypo unawareness. Really wanted it for exercise but the delay I’m finding not so convenient. I still have to test half way through to make sure I’m not too low.

Glucometer - 8 CGM - 9

After 36 years of vials and pens I finally went on the Omnipod pump. I was hesitant because I wouldn’t do tubing and I was in very good control so why change what ain’t broke. It is definitely more involved than pens but in a good way, you have to really want to be involved in your own care, which I’ve always done anyway. It is VERY convenient in that I no longer have to go to a restroom to take a shot, just get out the PDM and voila!! I can also reduce or completely shut off my insulin when I run or work out. My A1c’s have always been around 6 +/- , last one after a good 6 months on Pod -5.7 so I didn’t have a huge drop but I wasn’t out of control before. Pump - 9 ( A ten would have to have absolutely no complaints!)