People i need help! i dont know what to do!

so yes, the big 'D' is getting me down but the difference between me a whike ago and me now is that i am wiling to fight wereas a few wekks ago i was down and depressed feeling alone in this big bad world with no one to turn to. but then i figured why let diabetes defeat me because its just another part of me like my mouth or my nose its just who i am and the person i aspire to be isnt all that different to this person i see before me in the mirror every morning. i recently wrote a letter to the head office at my favourite clothing store here in ireland asking them if they would be wiling to display me as a model n their stores as ii would love to be a model but cannot reach the tiny model size i wish i was. but...... i couldnt find the courage to send it so now it sits on my dressing table and i look at it everyday thinking 'will i send it today??... oh it can wait@ but now as i sit here thinking what if i had of sent it would my life be the way i want it to be or would i yet again be brought down by the fact im different to others. all i ever wanted was to be a normal 13 year old girl just for a day... but as they say in the diabetes world "pain is enevitable, but sufering is optional".... any ideas on what the next step i need to take is???

go for it girl! i believe in the innate goodness in people and in karma. maybe you were meant to struggle with this decission and maybe they were meant to give you a chance. this could be your springboard to your new found acceptance of yourself as you are, D and all. you have nothing to loose by sending it off. good for you with moving into maturity and accepting what can not be changed. keep growing and challenging yourself one day at a time! best wishes, amy

Is the question what to do about the letter? I think that stores usually hire models through agencies, rather than directly so I would look into that and approach an agency, rather than send a letter to the store? I don't think there's any reason not to do things. A couple of months ago, we were channel surfing and came on this show "American Ninja Warrior" which we watch occasionally and it looked like another "oops, they made the course too hard" episode as a bunch of guys got smoked. Then a guy seemed like he might and I didn't notice it but MrsAcidRock said "hey, that guy has an insulin pump thingy..." about his infusion set and he won! It was kind of awesome. She always says "you should be on that" but I see the wipeouts and think "orthopedic surgeon" and am not going to "go for it" myself. The point is that your attitude about aiming for something you want to do is great but that I think you may need to aim your letter somewhere else to succeed at it? We used to watch "Project Runway" occasionally too and they always seem to have the models sent over by an agency, although one never really knows what goes on behind the scenes? Link to story about Ninja Warrior story. We don't really watch it all the time but used to watch the Japanese show more, when we were doing Tae Kwon Do a few years ago!!

Thanks for all you help… One step closer the letter is in and envelope. I suppose only god knows whenn ill send it but until then baby steps don’t hurt :slight_smile:

Hey Sara,
Acidrock is right you need to explore other ways to achieve your dream of becoming a model and nowadays tiny model size is not all there is girl ;) If I were you I would dive into it send that letter, send many letters to many stores and magazines and whatever else you can think of. Dive into it because as you grow older you realize that is not about somebody saying NO but about that YES or MAYBE that you missed cause you didn't try!
Another great idea is to get with a friend that likes to do artistic photography and include a pic of yourself on your letter and please don't use one of those self-portrait pics made with your phone while you are posing with a duckface...

Absolutely, give it a bash. What's the worst that could happen? They don't see your potential? Every supermodel was turned down tons of times before they became successful. If these people don't see it, maybe the next ones will.