Perfect day so far


Can I just say that today I am having a perfect day?!!!

For the first time since diagnosis, my fasting blood sugar was in the double digits...99, but hey, still double digits. My sticks so far today:

Fasting: 99

After Breakfast: 113

Before Lunch: 87

After Lunch: 116

I am actually having the best day I've ever had and I only shot 7 units of Novalin R last night because I was out of Lantus. I actually haven't had to use the Novalin since the second day that I started Byetta since I am on a sliding scale and only shoot dependant upon my fasting numbers. So if this trend continues, I hope to get to a point where I can stop ALL injections (well except for the Byetta).


A great day, Jolie!! Excellent. :slight_smile: And you are right 99 is STILL double digits.


That’s great. I’m so jealous I can’t stand it.

Good for you.