Perfect Score on Pre and Post Exercise Glucose test

Tonight was a good night …Initially I didn’t want to go to workout at all being tired… but decided to just go for a “little bit” and as always tested. Coming out with the perfect :

I ate 1 glucose tab to ward off any lows as I hadn’t had dinner yet. I ended up doing 3 miles and at a decent pace too…better than anticipated…which just makes the night better…and then when I got back I retested and :

Very good result…but also kind of creepy… could it really have stayed the same like that? Particularly with an interim of exercise? Now if only it stayed like that all the time :wink: -just noticed that I never switched the clock on the meter for daylight savings~

Awesome!! Creepy? No, just good.

Life is GOOD …and time to change the CLOCK to : …
2010 just around the corner …lots of GOOD life ahead .Be Well …

Working out sure does make a difference in the B.G. levels! I always feel better too. I just have to be careful about going too low after exercising. I’m still on MDI but I know I should go on the pump for better control. The unknown is just a little scarey.