Personal questionnaire about omnipod

I'm thinking of switching to omnipod. We have been using Animas Ping for >4 years and I LOVE the meter remote option, which is why I got it. It's for my daughter who is now 8. But it's getting old and I want to have an option here soon should it decide to suddenly die on us. Plus, there's a few annoyances I have with Ping and I just want to try something new.

Omnipod is sending us a demo. It's in the mail. We haven't received it yet, but I have a few questions:

How far away can the remote operate the pump? Will it work, say, from my bedroom to the bedroom directly below me? About 12 feet and through a floor? The Ping does, and I love that.

Name some things you hate/don't like about Omnipod. I see lots of things I will like about it, but now I need to know the annoying things.

So far (without having used Omnipod) the selling points for me are:
-that the pump part is waterproof
-The meter is a remote
-The meter is Freestyle! I love that one the best (I really don't like OneTouch).
-The insertion is fast.
-it doesn't appear there are a million buttons to scroll through to get a bolus delivered. That annoys me on the Ping.

Is the uploading of meter/pump data quick and easy?
Can you see the screen of the meter in sunlight?
Any problems with the sticker of the pod not staying on?

Thanks in advance!

Yes download ing is a lot easier then the ping u don't have to use the ignoring qr scanner its just USB. I can see the screen just fine its just like any screen. Sometimes u have a problem but not too often its harder to pull off then put on just get unisolve solution. I'm a former ping user too. I love the omnipod I'd never go back to tubed. Granted there r problem s like everything the confirmation screen gets to be a pain. But I wouldnt give it up I love it good luck


I am relatively new to pumping and Omnipod is my first pump. Have been t1 for 50 years, on manual injection until 10/2014.

My only issus with Omnipod have to do with insulin absorption and placement. My observation is that how well my body uses the insulin supplied via the POD varies, depending on where it is placed on my body. I also notice that it doesn’t control my BS as well when I eat a lot of simple carbs. It does fine on complex carbs. That may be something that can be addressed in settings though. Will discuss with my endo.

Also there are pod failures where the pod has a technical issue and needs changing before the normal 3 day usage expires. Sometimes you get a high pitched alarm and sometime just uncontrolled BS for no reason and no response to boluses.

Hi there. My son has been on Omnipod for a year now. We have had wonderful success. Love that he can wear it when playing sports, swimming, etc. He is very lean and we place it mainly on thighs, stomach, buttocks (he tends to knock it more when on arms).
- No real issues with adhesive or it staying on unless he is going to be real active (beach or tournament)then we just tape it down.
- Never had an issue viewing the screen. Very easy to read and use the settings.
- Also like that it has a small light for your freestyle strips that you can press. This comes in very handy when checking bg in middle of night.
- We have had very few pod failures and have had wonderful success.
- One thing I do suggest is buying the protective cover (Shapeway sells them for with skin or without). We have protective cover and skin on my sons (he carries it everywhere so good protection)
- No you cannot use the PDM through the floor. It needs to be pretty close to the pod when delivering a bolus. However, it does not need to be anywhere near it once the Basal settings are engages.

Hope this helps you and good luck!

You must be able to see the Omnipod (the pod) for the remote (the PDM) to connect to it. Range is 6ft max and, if you don't have clear air/just clothes between the pod and the PDM it can drop to as little as 3ft.

Uploading the Omnipod data is extremely difficult and unreliable, it's not the pod; the problem is that you need a piece of software (the Abbott Copilot software) to decode the data and that software is extremely unreliable. I gave up using it so I have no recent experiences, they might have fixed it but Abbott/Insulet didn't show any inclination to address the problems in the past.

You can see the PDM screen fine in sunlight; the PDM has a 'light' button and if you hold it down it ramps up the brightness. I've never had any problems on the beach with a little bit of shade (just a hand or my own body.)

I don't have any problems with the pod adhesive, it just works even if it is exposed to water continuously. The only time I've ever had it stop working is while exercising continuously (lifting 90lb bags of cement) and, therefore, sweating continuously. Eventually the pod got loose. Other people, however, do report problems with exercise and use stuff like tegaderm as a secondary means of securing the pod. I think it depends how fit you are, your daughter is likely to be very fit, being 8, and therefore probably won't have any problem. (Very fit people don't sweat much under normal conditions.)

I don't know what the Ping interface is like, but the UI to the PDM sucks. It may just be the general state of medical devices, but it requires numerous 'ok' button presses which inevitably leads to me not even reading the screen once I know the sequence.

The FreeStyle meter has had major problems in the past; it is absolutely essential to get the latest test strips with an expiry date later than July of this year. Some US pharmacists still have stocks of the old ones. You just have to be very careful; I stopped using Walmart because they just kept giving me the unreliable ones, but Walgreens, despite having an almost identical name, have been perfect.

The pump is pretty much unconditionally waterproof. I've seen exactly one fail under pressure; I suspect there was a manufacturing error, but I was using the pump way outside the Insulet limits. If your daughter swims then the pod is pretty much the only choice; the Ping is only rated for 9ft submersion and it is really easy to exceed that in a swimming pool, or when snorkeling. It's almost impossible to exceed the 25ft rating of the pod.

There have been insertion problems recently. Very rarely a pod will not actually insert. I've had two or three occurrences of this, I just flicked the pod with my finger and it inserted. Other people have reported partial insertions - the steel needle goes in but doesn't withdraw causing some amount of pain - these seem to be fixable with the finger flick as well.

The PDM carbohydrate algorithm is extremely crude. This leads to problems of underbolusing corrections after a meal; the PDM falsely assumes that the meal is absorbed almost instantly. This can be fixed partially by lowering the PDM setting for insulin duration, but then this creates an inverse problem with over corrections when a meal hasn't been consumed within the last few hours. Changing from the Ping might require very significantly different settings on the PDM and you would need to watch blood glucose very carefully at first. Expect to see post-prandial highs initially.

John Bowler

looks like you got some great info so far, my son has been using the omnipod for almost 4 years and feel the newer smaller model is more reliable still some occasional errors, we also sometimes notice bs rising when it is close to change out. there was a bit of a learning curve of course and getting used to the pod on the body, his fav sites now are back of arms and thighs, he uses a tegaderm strip over his arm placement to help keep it secure. it is a bit of a challenge reading the meter at the beach but other than that fine!! I am not sure how the ping calculates IOB but the omnipod now accounts for food and correction and tends to undershoot for Jacob sometimes not giving him not enough insulin if he eats frequently we have adjusted his setting to IOB for 2.5 hours I believe which helps but we still sometimes add extra insulin if we feel it is appropriate. Overall he is happy with omnipod and wouldn't consider another option. we do not download info unless at the doctors I believe it is a bit tricky and we used to keep a manual log to show trends he is relatively stable and I have let this go as it was my job and as a mom you have to let some things go but I check his numbers everyday, he is 16 and transitioning to mostly self care with me nagging less and trusting! best of luck. amy

Hi. I’ve been on the POD for a while now and have had relatively few problems. From time to time one will fail, but that happens. They have all been replaced for me in my next shipment of PODs for free. As for staying on, I have yet to have one come off by just unsticking. I’ve knocked a few off banging into door jams, but thats really my fault - also, it was with the last version of POD which was a little bigger.

Regarding your stated advantages, I agree with them all, mostly the tubeless. I would likely not be on a pump if it had tubes, but thats my personal opinion. I find the software works great in Windows (MAC will work, but it’s a big pain to get setup if you’re not a techie). The PDM downloads easy using the software and the variety of reports work very well for me. I have no issues with data quality - just download the data, print the reports I want and bring 'em to the doc.

Regarding seeing it in the sun, it can hard to sse in the very bright light, but it’s no different than any cell phone.

They offeed a 3 month trial for me, to return it if I didn’t like it, but I was hooked the very first day. Good luck with your decision.

Gary Scheiner, G_d of All Things Type 1, was still using the OmniPod last time I spoke with him.

Enough said.

No Tubes
The downloadable Reports
The PDM controls
It's cool, people are amazed by it.
Only Pod. Dont need other consumables.
The basal infusion all day long = security
Customer service (much better than it used to be!!!)

Sometimes just stops working (sporadic) - no real or easy indication except high BS
3 day expiry (wish it was longer)and beeping around that time
The buttons can be annoying on the PDM
I wish it would have a CGM combined