Personal Weight Loss issues

I have had some personal issues with my weight. The last doctor’s visit I had, which was on April 11, 2008, my weight had dropped from 145 lbs to 136 lbs. Understand that I am around 5’10" tall and the average weight for someone at that height is 150 lbs. I have no idea why I have lost the weight only that I have been eating small meals all day instead of three meals which is supposed to be better than three large meals a day. There are times that I don’t get up until 11am, but get up at like 7am to take my lantus and a correction bolus if needed. That’s only taken if its over 150.

Does anyone have any ideas about why this would be happening?

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Hi Cherise,

I’m having similar weight loss problems. When I have calculated, I discovered that my total calorie intake is very low. Maybe you have the same problem.

I’m also low carbing which requires most of the calories to be gained by fats. But that does not also help me much.