Perspective - Glass half empty or half full

In another thread I was talking about looking for patterns in numbers and the color coding I used for my logbook. After I posted that I looked back at a few pages. The system I have been using since I've been on insulin in 2/09 was to yellow mark my numbers that are in target, circle any highs and blue mark any lows. When I look back at the last couple months I see the marjority of the page is covered in yellow. I realized that yellow marking things in target was not necessary, I could just yellow highs and blue lows and everything else was good to go! I then looked back to my older logbooks (Yeah, I know a year and a half isn't old to many of you!) and saw a lot less yellow and realized I'd started that system to emphasize my successes when there were a lot less of them! What was once a happy exception, has become more the norm.

It's so easy to focus on the numbers that don't work: the highs and the lows; the problems, and not to realize how much of the time everything is working well. I like thinking of the in-target numbers as the norm, not the rare exception! I was raised to look at life as struggle and filled with potential dangers. I've spent my life learning to look at good times as the norm that occasionally gets temporarily dislodged. Just one more opportunity to learn that lesson!

A bit early for Thanksgiving, maybe we can all be thankful for the times our diabetes management works well whether it's a rare occurance, once a day, or most of the time!

What a nice message, and a nice achievement! I’ve been having good numbers myself these days and it makes me much more confident about my ability to manage this whole thing without feeling too deprived or put out.

Me too Zoe. I come from worrier parents (well mostly my dad) and it is really hard to shake. Dad worries (don’t drive in the rain or snow unless it an emergency) Mom thinks any free moment should be spend working, fun is not allowed until you have paid all your bills off and owe no money and MAYBE than you can relax and enjoy yourself but if you have time to do that than you should be working to earn more money -just in case and skip the fun. So me not having a job right now, you can imagine how anxious I am all the time. Yep, life is not to be enjoyed (according to my parents) it is for working (unless you are retired than it is alllowed to not do anything) and no risks are to be taken if you can help it. It is really tough to get that learned childhood thinking out of your head. It still drives me crazy. I wish I could get that “good times norm” thinking in the head.

I see the glass as half empty - healthwise. Health detoriates form most of us as we get older. The glass gets ‘drained’. Experience wise the glass is half full. The older you get the more knowledge you have.

As far as my numbers go, I was looking at my log today and see how very normal all my numbers and I know that is my doing. Yeah, there are some bad ones but they are gone now and they will come again. I guess I would feel worse if there were 90% bad and only 10% good. But I would probably never let that happen. It will always be vise versa if I can control it. Makes sense though, the rest of my life right now - I have no control over it. It is no wonder I try to master control in this area. It is all I have master right now.

Hey, good for you, KimKat on your good numbers. Yeah, it definitely takes a lifetime to get over those harmful childhood messages some of us got, and even when they are mostly gone they have a habit of sticking their heads back up when least expected. I have spent way too much of my life trying to control the random and change the unchangeable. I got that anti-fun message too. My mother once said to me, “If you could you would just spend your life lying on a beach somewhere picking coconuts off the trees.” Sounds great to me, but of course, she meant it as an insult! Even working in the mental health field I had collegues who thought of me as self-indulgent because I’d finally learned to take care of myself and be happy! You’d be surprised too, since I’ve (mostly) retired, people always ask me what I do with myself, and when I can’t come up with a list of “meaningful activities” they think something’s wrong. I think lying in my hammock reading a good book is very meaningful! Or the hour I just spent making a spicy Indian eggplant dish that is 23 carbs per serving and smells soooo good.

Yeah, the health thing is a shock. I’m not sure how I got so old and so much medical stuff to deal with (thank goodness for good insurance!). But my coping skills and “let it go” attitude are so much better now I wouldn’t go back to my 20s for anything…though I wouldn’t mind looking 20 again!

Congrats, that’s great! It’s always satisfying when we see that the hard work we put in is paying off. Happy thanksgiving:)

Thanks, Tom, same to you!

lots of yellow cool… well done… my dad always worries about the wrong things that i think is odd. ive never worried or stressed about things. but just got on and delt with it. for me im a happy go lucky kind of guy.
i dont do negative very well, so my glass isn’t half full or half empty i just need a smaller glass . lol