Pertinent Information at top of posts

I love this diabetes family, but (there’s always a but), T1, T2, MDI, Pump, CGM… all make a difference on how questions are answered. I’m wondering about having headings for each poster, or that each poster puts at the front (or bottom?) of their posts. For me, it would be something like
TS ~ T1, Pump, CGM

You could continue this well beyond that with things like age, years with diabetes, or daily insulin dose… but those three pieces of info would be very helpful, IMHO.
Someone else might be ~T1, MDI or T2, metformin…
I sometimes click on poster’s names to get this info, but that’s extra work and some profile pages don’t have the info on them.

I think it’s a lot of extra work for each poster to list all that info, if it didn’t come up automatically. I go to home pages, which takes a second. If people don’t list their info there, then I guess they don’t want to share this.

I had made this suggestion awhile ago, because you are right, it clarifies the person’s response to know their Type and their treatment. Kristen said that it’s not possible to include this information with the service provider tudiabetes uses.

If the member adds the information to their nickname in their profile it will show up every time they post.

Terry, T1 (Maybe T1.5 or LADA. Who knows?), Pump, CGM when needed or when I feel like it.