Peter and Sylvia. Did you see this?

Peter told me about his wife Sylvia what happened to her and him. When they just got married Peter became a diabetic and Sylvia from a RC. family wanted 3 or 4 children. She had about 6 sibblings at the family home before getting married.

The first year of marriage no kids came. She saw an old friend from the church on the street on day. It was Father Romero who had married them.

He asked if Sylvia had any little ones yet and she had to say no Father, not one! Soso said Father Romero, I go to Rome next week and will start a candle for you to get started with your womenly job.

Oh thank you Father you think it will really help us? We are worried that Peter's diabetes has a hand in there.

So it seemed to help because Sylvia got very busy because now they didn't seem to stop coming. She liked a large family so didn't complain as yet.

Some years later Sylvia did meet Father Romero again and the Father asked Sylvia Did you get any youngones Sylvia? Oh yes Father but we have to move to another house just not enough room. We got busy ever since you started the candle, two sets of twins all boys. Also three girls who came singly plus three more single boys. Your candle really did the job!

Well said the Father, Peter must be home looking after the crowd. Sylvia answered Oh No Father He went to Rome to blow out the Candle.

And so finished another happy story. Peter's diabetes did not interfere with the candle and everybody except Sylvia were very happy!.