Phantom Site Pain

Does this happen to anyone else? I will have a pain in my abdomen and think ouch my pump site is bothering me and reach down and it is not even where my pump site is located. I sometimes think I have what I call phantom site pain.

Am I the only one?

I don’t have a pump. But the same happens to me with my DexCom 7+ sites. I am very protective of the sites because I don’t want to rip the sensor off and I also don’t want to sleep on the sites. Only to realize that the sensor is no longer where I thought it was.

Yes!! I have been wondering about this for a while!! And I call it the same thing, phantom site. It is the strangest thing. It happens to both my pump and sensor sites, but mostly my sensor sites. My pump sites I am very comfortable with and don’t think about it much, but my sensor site I am also very protective of and I feel that it is really fragile so the ‘phantom site’ happens a lot.

I have this "phantom site pain feeling " sometimes where my right breast " was "; had breast surgery in 1984 , so can identify .

i get this all the time! i was beginning to think i was crazy. lol

I get this, I never thought it’d be something anyone else would get, I just thought I was going a bit crazy :slight_smile:

Ahhhh glad to hear I am not the only crazy one. :slight_smile:

it happens to me but, i don’t hav a pump so it’s injection site

Hi Karen!

Yep, this has happened to me. Do you find it’s usually in approximately the same spot? I have one spot in my left abdomen that feels that way whenever I have a site on that side…even it it’s nowhere near the “sore” spot. And the odd thing is…that spot is never sore unless I have a site in on that side. It’s not only phantom site pain, it’s apparently a complete phantom!


Add me to the list of people who also have this. Sometimes I’ll bend over to put my shoes on or something and feel a sharp pain (not very intense) and check to see if my infusion set is being pulled on only to find out it’s on the other side of my stomach.

Me too! Weird, huh?