Pharmacy for type 1 diabetics

Hi I have a question about US local pharmacies.
Recently I have been picking up my medicine prescription at Walgreens pharmacy and have found them to be very helpful. I’m 7 months pregnant and using lots of test strips but find that Walgreens get my prescription ready very fast each month-it’s been great. I am wondering about moving my prescription to CVS however as we have just moved and there is one right across the street from us. Does anyone have tips on the best pharmacy for me to use. I’ve only lived in this country for 3 years and have only really used Walgreens to get my prescriptions. I’d like to use the most efficient pharmacy however. Any suggestions are appreciated!

No one can answer what pharmacy is best for you because it depends on the local pharmacists at each store. I use CVS & have never had a problem. I call in my refills using their automated phone system & they’re always ready at the time I request. You can move your prescriptions to the pharmacy most convenient for you & move them again if you don’t like their service.

I use the mail order pharmacy provided through my insurance and have my dr give me a 3 month prescription. And I further ask that he prescribe me more strips (10/day) than I actually use (6-8/day). So I get 9 boxes of 100 in my order and it actually will last me 4 months. It is most efficient for me to stockpile my suppliers both from a cost and time standpoint. With my current mail order, I can then go on-line to order a refill. It does take 2-4 weeks to fulfill a first prescription and then a 1 week for refil, but I plan ahead and it saves me a lot of money/time.

I think that Walgreens is pretty much the same as CVS. While I’ve been partial to Walgreens, if I had a CVS across the street, I’d probably use them?

Thanks for the tips guys-good to know these things :slight_smile:

It is very hard to say, depending on where you live. I personally have no use for Walgreens, they are horribly slow, keep you waiting for HOURS to get your meds, and after keeping you waiting for hours, then tell you sorry we dont have it in stock.

CVS is amazing, they are fast, and the pharmacy dept has been just wonderful. I think it all just depends on where you live. I also use Target quite a bit too, because its one stop shopping versus running all over town. But I have used Target for YEARS, and they are wonderful too. The staff at my Target pharmacy really get to know their customers and I’ve been going to them since my son was just a few years old, he’s now almost 16. If there’s no difference in service I’d opt for what’s close by. That’s why I tend to use CVS or Target. CVS is just down the street and like I said Target is one stop shopping.

Each store is run differently.
The Walgreens by my office has been fabulous. I am a huge Walgreens fan, but only because the staff at the one by my office is so great. When I moved a couple of years ago, I tried using the Walgreens by my house, which left me feeling like Christy about Walgreens. Totally describes the one by my house, but her CVS description sounds like the Walgreens by my office… I currently use the Walgreens by my office, and I love them.

Try CVS, if they aren’t right for you, you can always go back. Keep your life simple if you have a new baby on the way. Before you switch, though, check and see if you get any type of bonus for switching prescriptions. A year or two ago, CVS would give you a $25 gift card for each prescription you had transferred, up to 4 prescriptions. Not sure if they still offer that. I’d ask the pharmacist if they still have those types of promotions, before you get your scripts transferred.