Phase of life

The day I was diagnosed was a very confusing day.... My mother was sobbing like anything and my father was holding on to his tears.... and I was totally unaware of what has happened so I was like neutral but was feeling bad that due to me my parents are so worried. I was at home during my vacations from college.... next day few ppl from novomix came to demonstrate me how to use the pen.... That day it was exciting cos all those looked like cool gadgets.... those needles ant tat glucometer looked so cool.... I equipped my luggage with these gadgets.... and since then I am trying to get away from them... but I cant.... Cos now they are a part of my life.... and now I understand the pain my parents had, the only thing now which worries me. Before I could've given them happiness I gave them this pain. I know I am not directly to be held responsible for tat but still it make me feel bad. Due to this fear or bad feeling I have stopped discussing my bg with them... everytime they question me about my bg level I tell them tat I haven't measured it since long. I know m lying but tat is all I can do to make them feel better. They know this too... strange but true phase of my life....

As long as you’re going to lie to them, why not tell them that your bg measured in the normal range? And do everything you can to be in the normal range…have you read Dr. Bernstein’s book on how to keep your bg normal? He advocates keeping a low-carb diet to help manage diabetes. You should also research low-glycemic foods…since you’re in India, Chana Dal should feature prominently in your diet because of its extremely low glycemic index…read this page .

Thanks for sharing your story, and good luck in managing your diabetes.