Photos ! Cute or Funny!

Recently I saw some really cute photos of hugs and animals.

It made me want to post my favorite photos (if just to make you smile)!

hi liz, how can i get em to show like this ?
upload files?

You click on the little camera icon that says “Add an image”, and you either upload a file, or copy the image url from whatever site it is. Just right click on a picture, and select “Copy Image URL” from it.

Here they are

and this

couple more


One time, I was in the Chicago airport, already boarded on a plane, waiting for our flight to get moving… and one of those luggage trucks CRASHED into our plane! Apparently the guy did not see the plane. How the hell do you miss a giant airplane!!! We had to get off the airplane, and wait at the airport for 2 more hours… until they found a safe plane for us and gave us the all clear. When the truck crashed the plane, it was a huge impact… We rocked back and forth pretty bad and it gave me whiplash. It was crazy!

hope its a first (and last)…

Me too!

A picture really is worth a 1000 words!

Not my picture. But I thought this was cute…

Not my picture. Here is another one…

OMG, Liz! I LOVE THIS! This definately made my day! (which is great because I was really upset last night and hardly slept so I needed this!)

I should show this to my cats! HAHAHA! (they would probably be like "get outta my face with that. I am not standing in the corner like that!)

(too bad they can’t admit when they have done anything wrong though!) LOL!!!

LOL! I love it when you see pictures of cats like that! How do the do that? MIne don’t.

That one in the pic almost looks dead though. Wonder if he is real?

I wish I could find photos/videos for two my current funniest moments from the movie “Wild Hogs” but I can’t find any!

One is where the crow attacks John Travolta in the face while he is riding his motorcycle.

And the other one is where they crash into the surfboard face first at the end of the movie!

I found one of those here…

…I’m still looking for the other one.