Physical and Emotional Recovery from Extreme Highs & Lows

Friday night, as some of you may have already read about, i spent a night out galavanting and eating a little more than just out of my usual rather strict range. i moderately bolused and indulged in cured meats, salads w/ nuts, cheese and who knows what was actually in the salad dressing (i.e. sugar). i put some chicken on my plate just so i felt half decent about what i was going to eat. after a nighttime of multiple corrections, i woke up feeling hung-over (and i don’t touch alcohol ever), and as if someone had taken a baseball bat to my head and body. when i tested my BGs, my finger stick read HIGH 300s.( my husband and i did not even get home until about 1 am. and i am usually asleep by 10pm most nights.)
i gave myself a shot of novolog and prayed it would do the trick as soon as possible. i felt like death.

it was then that i remembered one of the reasons why i try so damn hard to keep food/life in line on a daily basis. this one evening took 3 days to recover from. even after my BGs came back into a “healthy” range, i still bounced a bit here and there, and the emotional toll i paid was not worth the deliciousness of that galavanting evening.

(now just as an aside, i know that there are many of you D professionals out there who can actually manage this type of indulgence w/out the extremes i have mentioned, so you need not chime in if you are not going to play fare; however, there are also many of us who can remember a time when this experience has taken place in your D life-time, and i am posting this so that we may share our experiences and what we have learned from them.)