I’ve been feeling kind of weird the past few days. Sort of sick, sort of funky. Generally tense and wired, lot of indigestion, achyness. And funky numbers of course - like being SURE i’m low and testing my sugars to find they’re fine.

Today, the craving hit. I needed dessert. Some kind of dessert. It would not be ignored.

I had a slice of homeade apple pie with ice cream. I did resist most of the ice cream, but I ate every last bit of the pie. Then I went and walked a few blocks - diabetic penance. I’ll test my sugars in an hour and see how bad it was.

I’m still tired, I have indegestion, I ache, I want whatever is making me feel sicky to be gone.

But I am HAPPY. Best mood booster I’ve had in ages. Yay PIE!

1.5 hrs - 5.8
2.5 hrs - 6.4

Guess I don’t need a bedtime snack tonight!


6.4 (115 mg/dL) is very good for post-prandial BG!! Guess the walk must have done it! :slight_smile: