"pimple" like break out on eye rim

has anyone had, or noticed a break out on their childs face? Since my daughter was a baby she would have break outs on the rim of her eyes. You would think it would be an ingrown eye lash, but it’s not. She also gets these around her upper lip. Before she was dxd I took her to a Dermatologist , he called it something that I can’t remember what, But I don’t think that this is what she has…(when i took her in she of course didn’t have any break outs)…I believe it has to do with high sugar levels.

Hey Tara,

Could it be blepharitis? My husband has this sometimes. The eye dr. told him to mix Johnson 's baby shampoo 50/50 w/ water and use a Q-tip to gently scrub the eyelids where he normally gets the breakouts (once a day). It sounds awful, but it doesn’t hurt and it does control it. I think it’s caused by clogged pores on the eyelid. Hope this helps!