Ok so i saw on a few videos that when the guy puts in the CGM sensor he tends to pinch his skin. Is this a recommended thing or is it necessary?

ah ok im like 160-170 and never pinch with injections even so would i need to do the pinch or you think i would be fine without it? i wanna get into a routine as i do with everything else ive done.

Danny, thanks for the youtube flick, lots of good suggestions. I have never used IV prep, but am now thinking of getting some, for the extra stickiness.

that was danny who said that im andrew, also ive never heard of or used IV Prep i just use alcohol wipes, where exactly is it available?

Yes I realized it was Danny after I posted it, and went and changed it. I just did a search of IV prep and found this:

Smith & Nephew’s Recalls IV PREP Antiseptic Wipes Due to Potential Microbial Contamination
March 8, 2011

here is the link:

Guess I’ll wait to buy some!!

Yep, I would wait a while but when the recall is finished, I would recommend them. I have used IV preps since getting a pump in 1/01 and they keep my skin from itching under the tape. When I have tried not using anything, or using alcohol, my skin itched before it was time to change the site.
At least, that is how it helps me.
Re the recall, my company, Liberty Medical, is sending me replacements for my IV preps. Skin Tac, I think. But I will go back to IV preps when safe. Some people do prefer the Skin Tac though.

I am a MM CGMS user …interesting to read this …I pull the the skin " taut " as taught …not pinch !
And stand Up …not sit .

SkinPrep pads work better for me that IV’s and they have not been recalled.