Ping display turning brown & IOB request

My one year old Ping pump display started showing parts of the white characters turning a tan or brown color. I started to notice this several months ago but it didn’t harm the functionality of the pump enough for me to do anything about it.

I noticed that this situation was slowly getting worse however. Instead of just a few pixels turning from white to brown, it seemed to be creeping up to 30-40% of some screens. While the screen was still largely readable, I decided to contact the Animus customer service to talk about this.

I’m at an age where my reading eyesight has been changing and I now need glasses to read. The combination of my deteriorating close vision together with the display losing its crispness concerned me, especially the middle of the night pump events.

The customer service person was very helpful and decided that the pump should be replaced. I was not pushing that idea but I was glad that she offered. I will appreciate working with a fresh display.

Has anyone else experienced this effect? Where I really noticed it was on the displays that had a lot of text, like the the basal rate review screens.

While I was on the phone I also commented that I feel that the insulin on board number, or IOB, should be displayed on the home screen. It’s a number that I frequently need to factor into my decision-making. I see no good reason why it should be hidden many keystrokes below the home screen.

I’ve not experienced any browning of my screen, but I agree wholeheartedly with the suggestion to add IOB to the home screen. It is the single thing I look at the most, aside from bolusing. Another suggestion, add a longer delivery time to the pump. I’m a former Smiths pumper, one of the best things about their pumps was the ability to set a bolus delivery to 5 minutes, I miss that. Such a quick delivery often stings, and for my daughters that pump, they really miss their cozmo pumps for that reason mostly. My 11 year old has taken to grabbing the skin sround her infusion site and pinching it in an attempt to stop the sting. I’ve explained that a 10 minute combo bolus would also work, but at her age, more button pressing is not something she remembers to do with any regularity. I really do miss the programming capibility of cozmo, but Animas is also a very fine pump, just not as customizable. And I reallly do enjoy the meter remote, wspecially when wearing a dress!

I agree I’d like to see the IOB on the home screen.

I just started experimenting with the bolus delivered over 30 minutes. I use the combo-bolus feature and set the deliver now to deliver later ratio at 0%:100%. It doesn’t sting and I think it better matches my digestion rate. It’s a few more buttons to push but it does solve the sting. I’m watching and hoping that it also prevents swelling at the site.