Ping Meter Bolus

Can anyone tell me if the Ping meter has the ability to give me a history of bolus. I am trying to match up my son’s bolus activity to ensure he has done it. I also want to know if I manually bolus using the meter if that will create a bolus record and if so how do I find it.

The meter doesn’t store the bolus history only the pump does. If you have the EZ-Manager software you can download the pump and review the history more easily. But you have to use the pump to check the boluses.

They need to fix that - it would be quite handy to have. I know many parents of younger children who would find it easier to check the meter than to review off the pump with it attached.
Many of us download EZ manager and work the charts well after the kids are in bed.
I guess they can update and then call it a new and improved meter. Everyone wants new and improved. LOL Thanks for the help.