Ping Meter gone bad?

Has this happened to anyone? Error code 1, call customer service.
Have a month warranty left and tonight my meter went wonky on me.
I had it on the shelf in the bathroom, and all of a sudden it let out a constant high pitched (annoying) beep. I thought it was my pump, but no it was the meter.
Any idea what this might be? It wouldnt quit unless I took out the batteries…

Sorry, Laura - that’s a new one on me! That would freak me out for sure.
Let us know what you find out.

It’s a goner. New one to arrive Monday.
It is working, but they said not to even use it.
Then they reminded me my warranty is up in a month.

Well at least it happened while you’re still in warranty. Better than a week after it was up given how your insurance does things. Sorry.

I had this happen once; same message. Tech support told me it was a power issue, use a back up meter, another is on the way. Had a replacement the next day

Thanks! Glad I called today, wasnt sure I’d get anywhere on a Saturday.