Pink eye and green ice cream

No, not the name of my new favorite band. Both things I'm dealing with today. Had to go to the walk in clinic (docs office was closed) and it turns out I have pink eye. Though it's so bad one should really call it OH MY GOD WHAT THE @#$% HAPPENED TO YOUR EYE eye. So, after karate and doctors I was starved and over did it at dinner with mint chocolate chip for desert. So now I'm slowly waiting for the high to correct itself (225 grrr I LOATHE getting anywhere over 180).

Hoping it's down by this morning, and that you still think it was bolus-worthy ;)

When I finally got my BG under control, there were some definite changes in my health. You mentioned one: pink eye. I was getting pink eye an average of once a month - which stopped almost instantly when my A1C dropped under 9.0 (I started at over 15 with my reading @ 853 at the time I was dx'ed). It makes me wonder what other health conditions out there are really just D or BG related.