Pitfalls of preparing for baby

everyone knows tight control is important for any diabetic and at least the women here know that it has to be even more controlled (at least as much as possible) during pregnancy. so i’m working on it. as i’ve mentioned before, for the readings on my meter (which i know only tell about a quarter of the story) it does appear that my a1c will be lower than the last, though only time and a trip to the endo will truly tell.

the downfalls of all of this preperation are as follows:

an increased number of sneaky little lows. i know that 66 (my fasting reading this morning) isn’t the lowest of the lows that people here have dealt with, but it still makes me feel awful…actually it also gives me some sort of weird clarity too…but that’s another post. these lows creep up most often when i sleep and the only imediate tell tale sign for me is that my hands go dead asleep which actually makes it very difficult to test in the first place. i fumble for a test strip i can’t really feel or seem to get a proper grip on and once i finally get it out of the bottle and feed it to my waiting meter i spend a fair amount of time shaking out my chosen hand to get enough blood into my fingers for a good sample. so far i’ve been able to treat these lows without any assitance, but i worry that as my conrol increases this will become more difficult to do. my fiance is in the military. he will be sent overseas next year. i’m honestly very afraid of him being gone not only beacause i worry about him, but because i worry about me as well. i will be living alone when he’s gone and if i have a low i can’t treat by myself i don’t know what i’d be able to do. i could always keep my phone next to me (which i do anyway, just in case) and call the EMTs, but then, how would they get into my apartment without a key? it seems to be a tricky situation that i have yet to find a solution to, but at least i still have time to work it out.

that guilty feeling over high readings. when i see a number over 200 (which, thankfully, is becoming a rarity) i feel an instant sense of guilt and anger. i know that even if i’m the most perfect diabetic ever born i cannot expect all of my readings to reflect the effort i’ve put in. my insulin pump can’t account for stress or illness or figure out why, for the life of me, no matter what i do with my insulin, i always have an obnoxious spike in my blood sugar after eating crab rangoon (not that i plan on giving it up, but i do only eat it about once a month now). all i can do it continue to test and adjust, but there will still continue to be annoying little spikes in my readings. but i get mad at myself for not doing better. if i was pregnant now i would be letting my baby down and be putting us both at risk. s/he’s going to have enough to overcome without mommy bouncing blood sugars all over the board. it’s a vicious cycle though. i see that number, get mad about it, my body starts going into stress mode, and even with insulin i’m sometimes right back where i started.

now to something a little more encouraging…

the benefits of preparing for baby

i’m making better chioces most of the time. (really, who can do it all of the time anyway?) the more i start to prepare, the more i go into “i’m going to be a mother” mode. i’m starting to adapt the thought process that i am infact having a child and start to think as if i’m already pregnant. is this food good for us? i went to the store yesterday an instead of buying chips to snack on while i worked at the computer, i bought baby carrots and sour cream to dip them in. i should really go out for a swim… trying to get fit and reduce my insulin intake. more and more of my actions are being influenced by the child waiting to be concieved.

holding a healthy, happy newborn in my arms, the greatest reward i could ever ask for.

I can absolutely relate to this post…One of my biggest issues is getting used to 65 being a good number as opposed to a low that needs to be treated.

I feel that same guilt for every high for the same reason. I’m reminded of how dangerous that kind of high would be for a fetus. But I also know that’s precisely why I’ve got to be under better control. I’ll be a better mother if I am trying to protect a baby from that. So the highs help me remember that.

Great post. Yes, I too can definitely relate. I’m at about the same point. I have started to have frequent lows (mostly 50’s and 60’s) and usually 1-2 times per day. I was reassured by people in this community that this is part of tight control. You should not be having really low lows or really sudden drops, but slipping into the 60’s is normal.

Actually non-D women are in the 60’s while pregnant. My endo told me that we can ‘train’ our bodies to think that’s normal. Hasn’t worked yet :slight_smile:

Also, I find that I am lowering my blood sugar goals-- I correct a 110, trying to be between 70 and 100.

I certainly am still doing things that I don’t think that I will do when I’m pregnant (like the big dish of chinese food I’m about to eat, using a method called CARB GUESSING). But step by step we’ll get there. And I agree-- it will be TOTALLY worth it!!!