Looking to communicate with type 1 diabetics in the pittsburgh,pa area.
share stories, advice, relationships with diabetes, general discussions and interests?


Hi Antonio-

I’m a bit far from Pittsburgh, PA. I live in northern CT/ almost MA which puts me at about 3-4 hours from you (maybe it’s 8 hours?), I think. I’ve been to Pittsburgh once. haha. I ended up going there because I took a really really long detour on my way to Virginia. Don’t ask me how :slight_smile:

A lot of TuD members are from California. It’s weird. Either they have a higher population of T1Ds out there, or they’re just more “open” with their ailments and want to talk about it with someone. haha. Because I have a group called “CT and MA Meets”, but there are 12 members (some are from across the country and were my friends who were kind enough to join!) haha. There aren’t many of us “notherners” on this site!

Good luck!

If you ever want to simply discuss online or through email, I’m willing to participate! :slight_smile:

Hi Antonio! Check out this group!

Also, you can try doing an Advanced member search putting “Pittsburgh” in as the city.