Pituitary Gland and Diabetes

So, recently I have been struggling with my lows, so my doctor decided to run some extra tests. I wasn't at all sure what the tests had to do with my lows, but she said that my cortisol levels were only 5.1. This is not so good according to the doctors, so they had to find out why. They ran an ACTH test for my adrenal gland that proved my adrenal gland was working. So, the assumption was that my pituitary gland isn't secreting enough ACTH. The doctors want to put me on steroids to correct the problem. They say that bringing my cortisol level up will help stabilize my lows and my blood pressure.

So, my questions: Does anyone know what this means? Is this common?

You know, I have no clue… but right now, I am struggling because my Pituitary doesn’t seem to be making enough TSH, and my Thyroid is fine… The doctor is sitting on doing tests, and just keeps on only retesting the TSH, which is stressing me out… and meanwhile I’m starting to have a lot of morning lows and low blood pressure issues… so it definitely makes me wonder… Considering I’m a Type 2, I know there’s gotta be something wrong… I’ve had some near pass out episodes lately from the stupid low blood pressure… :confused: