Placement Location of sensor

Has anyone noticed any difference in where the sensor is placed - both in its accuracy and its longevity? I have been placing sensor around my mid-section, basically on extra skin (fat) around my stomach. I am on sensor no. 8. Two sensors lasted a few days into the second week, but two have ended before 7 days.


I have had the same situation. I have been placing the sensors on my mid-section, too. My sensors rarely last longer than a week and usually the adhesive wears off before 7 days. I have found that the accuracy of the sensor diminishes after about the 5th or 6th day. I have read that some users have placed the sensor on their back. I may try that and see if I get more accurate and longer use.

Art: I typically get 14-16 days out of each sensor, but I agree with you that the accuracy seems to deteriorate over time. I am usually able to keep a fairly constant glucose number, and when I do that the sensor works just fine for me for two weeks or more. (I have even gotten 24 days out of one, but it wasn’t very accurate towards the end.) I always use two strips of 3M Transpore tape to hold the sensor/transmitter unit in place. Using just the patch of tape that comes with the sensor does not work for me. The Transpore tape causes me no skin irritation and has worked wonders for me.

I actually just wore the last two sensors on my sides, and got 14 days out of each. The first week I don’t use any extra tape, but after that I use the tape to cover the sides that start to curl up. I have not tried my hips, but I have heard of others doing so. I do use my hips for my pump though. One caution if you use an area other than your stomach, the FDA has not approved that, so if you call Dex to get them to replace a sensor that didn’t last 7 days, be careful about volunteering too much information. By the way, it was my Dex rep who told me that! Do you call when your sensors don’t last? Make sure you do, because they are good about replacing them.

I actually wear them just below my waistband, kind of the upper butt area. It’s great because it is always hidden even if I’m not wearing a shirt. I have had pretty good luck back there, leaving my midsection free for pump sites.

Thanks for everyone that has sent their comments.
Do those who place them around behind their sides have trouble getting the sensor in place?

Also, I have been placing the sensor above my belt around stomach and especially when I am sitting, the receiver periodically has a no signal “y” in the upper box, more so as the sensor has been in place longer. I called dexcom and they nicely replaced the transmitter, but I still get the “y” with the new transmitter and wonder what experience other’s may have had

I usually have my girlfriend help get the sensor in place, it’s hard to twist around and hit the site sometimes - especially since I change mine in the morning when I’m often barely awake. For what it’s worth, I find that skipping breakfast and calibrating in the morning gives me better accuracy.

As for the missing Y - I’ve found (and my Dexcom rep confirmed) that if your clothes are rubbing on the sensor it could cause interference and your receiver could lose its signal. For example, if I have the sensor on my left side and am wearing pants that are snug I sometimes lose the signal if I put something in my right back pocket because it pulls my pants tighter on the sensor and that interferes with the signal. If you’re getting spotty reception try shifting your clothes slightly, it might help.

Thanks for all the particular advice - this is very helpful.

I spoke with Customer Service today about failed sensors and was told that someone like me with a lean build should pinch the site when inserting the sensor. Apparently, the sensor has more trouble when placed in or near muscle. I asked why they don’t make a shorter sensor for leaner people like syringe companies have done and was told there is actually discussion going on about doing that.