Plantar Warts--OUCH!

In keeping with the recent foot theme, here's another. Any suggestions for getting rid of a plantar wart would be appreciated.

I don't go barefoot, though would love to. I've got this big honking thing on the ball of my foot. Every step sends shooting pain. I've tried hopping, but seem to missing the right bunny genes.

Don't laugh too loud, but I read about using duct tape. So, I tapped that sucker, but not a good plan because it kept moisture in. I developed what looks like athlete's foot under my toes where the tape was. Glad no one sees the soles of my feet:)


Duct tape worked on my hands. Not sure about the feet. Just make sure to tape it good during the day and let it breathe at night. Good luck!

Thanks, Mark. I’ve got another one starting on the other foot, so maybe I need Aldara since the virus is spreading. I want to dig that nasty thing out with a knife!

Glad to hear duct tape worked & wasn’t as wacky as it sounds. What I read said keep it covered 24/7 with duct tape, but you’re right to let some breathing. Hard to keep it in place, so I kind of bound my sole up. Too much.

Curious, how long did it take for yours to go away?

I had some between my thumb and first finger. Covered them up with the tape (good and tight) in the morning after my shower [dry first] and took it off at night when I went to bed. Took a little over two weeks, and they just “fell” off. These were small ones on the hand, though. Might take longer for the foot.

Thanks, Julie. That must have been a hard area to tape up.

I also read about apple cider vinegar (which people claim cures just about everything) & Gorilla Glue. Maybe that stuff suffocates it!

Other than Salicylic acid, believe or not…I have heard of the duct tape method. I think what they do is that they cover their warts in duct tape for six days, then they soaked their warts in water, and then gently rub the warts with an emery board or pumice stone. They repeated this process for up to two months or until their warts went away.
I’m not sure…but I think one can also freeze the warts?

The duct tape method seems to be well known. Ok, feel better about trying this. My husband rolled his eyes.

I wondered about using a pumice stone & if this might cause it to spread.

The healing part, or not healing part, of freezing, cutting & laser worries me. These ugly thing is large & would leave one big hole.