Playing football and hypo

in my school year i was very athletic and was captain of school football team. then i bacame diabetic at the age of 15 years . after that my health ruined ,and i left everything as there was no proper care in india , god know how i lived for all these years with my bg jumping from one end to other…accidently 5 years back while getting my eyes checked, i came in contact with an endocrinologist, and he changed my life , he in very human way taught me about diabetes , my health came back with in 2-3 years , now i am fit( age 35) but with some eyes problem and kidney damage , now i started playing football, last week while playing my bg was continuously droping , even after eating lot of candy while playing , which i always keep in my pocket, it did’t help me , and our captain as no body know about the condition , shouted at me " if u don’t know how to play , sitoutside the ground , or do light exercises"…these words are hurting me

It’s always a good idea to let people around you know about your diabetes and what they should do if you get severely hypoglycemic.

Any physical activity, especially sports, will result in your muscles taking up glucose in non-insulin dependent ways. When you know you are going to be physically active, you should prepare ahead of time for it by reducing your insulin dose to coincide with your activity. You should also check your BG at regular intervals.

Keep notes of how much carbs you eat and how your BG levels react to your physical activity and over time, you will gain better control.