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At the tender age of 10, Jillian was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. From this day forward, she would be required to wear a traditional medical ID bracelet. Unfortunately, this traditional medical ID bracelet became more of a peer differential accessory than a needed medical device in Jillian’s eyes. Jillian despised wearing it but knew it was medically necessary, forbid anything were to happen to her and she needed emergency care. Seven years of having to accessorize her wardrobe with this medical ID bracelet, she found an alternative in a specialty store. A medical ID watch. This watch was different in that it had a plate in which she could engrave her condition to alert medical personnel in an emergency. When the day finally came and that much loved medical ID watch broke, Jillian was determined to find another before she would wear the dreaded traditional medical ID bracelet. This is when Watch and Alert, LLC began. Jillian and her mom, Laurie, are not only offering a wide variety of Medical ID Watches for every medically necessary condition, but raising awareness to medical professionals that they should look for these Medical ID Watches as an alternative to the medical ID bracelets and necklaces. Already, the Tampa Bay Florida Area is expanding their curriculum to add these Medical ID Watches to their list of actions the first responders should look for. One of the top priorities of Watch and Alert, LLC is to educate ALL first responders. Jillian and Laurie are changing the face of medical identification while providing self confidence to individuals who feel as thou the traditional medical identification bracelets and necklaces bring unwanted attention to their conditions and thus lowering their self esteem. Jillian has been handed a life full of lemons and although the lemonade she is making is delicious, she too likes to add a bit of a twist by adding in additional flavors while enjoying the life she does have. I know that Watch and Alert, LLC is not only touching the medical community but also parents who worry about their children, parents, or other loved ones who are not wearing their much needed medical identifiers and thus, ultimately, risking their lives to feel a little better about their selves by not wearing these attention-getting-accessories. Jillian and Laurie believe that socioeconomic status should not decide your ability to be medically safe while remaining self confident. Therefore, they have given away many watches already. Watch and Alert, LLC offers stylish watches for children, teenagers, young adults, grown ups, and even the eldest generations. The watches come in very stylish sizes and styles to match all tastes. They also have the option on most watches to engrave one’s condition, medications, etc. on the back just as Jillian’s first medical ID watch did many years ago. The faceplate of the watch includes the updated and more contemporary medical alert symbol and simply states the condition so the first responders know immediately, without any fumbling, what precautions to take.

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