Please give help, where help is needed

After reading "Why I hate Lantus", I am questioning the community that there haven't been more posts there. This is a true call for help, a young adult that needs support in either educating his parents (who have comprised his health over the years neglect) or advice to help self-manage with the resources he has and information on gaining more medical care. Please read the thread and his blogs, he is in a bad situation, yet old enough to make changes on his own. Please advice him, and stop rehashing debates about admin. and a mom that clearly has her daughter's best interests at heart.

It's not that the original poster is in poor control by typical standards. Sure, not the best control by superstar standards. But his A1C of 6.2% is lower than 90% of all type 1 diabetics and something to be proud of.

Having a snack before bed to prevent a hypo may not be the most optimal control from the superstar standards of "I'm never going to eat to my insulin". But it is pretty common in the real world.

It is possible for a patient to wrest control of individual doses and times away from his doc (I truly pissed off my docs when I went to MDI on my own 25 years ago when they weren't helping me do it) but to advise that a kid do that on a public bulletin board?

I know nothing about Lantus so I haven't replyed.

His parents haven't regularly even taken to the doctor, and I think he's seen an endo only once. They are the ones not educating themselves to the new developments in D management. The highs and lows are averaged in A1c and he is swinging a lot. My son snacked before bed too if his number was below 120 (when he was on Lantus) but never 40grams of carbs to keep from crashing. He's old enough to take better care of himself, suggestions and resources might be helpful.

I never took Lantus so I've skipped the thread too but thanks for calling it to our attention. I have only rarely gotten any rates from my doc, recently, only when I got my pump. She was, to her credit, very close, but other than that, I've flown by the seat of my pants and done trial and error.

TimmyMac's Lantus discussion has received 44 replies offering advice including, how to split his Lantus, how to discuss the situation with his mother, etc. What more do you feel should be offered?

OMG!! someone told him to inject in the bathroom!! EEEEK!!

I told him that. Why eeek? If he fills a syringe & injects in privacy in his bathroom, what's wrong with that?

I have a huge bathroom ***eek*** factor. I'm not really a germophobe, follow the 3 second rule, etc. but, for some reason, I don't ***ever*** shoot up in the bathroom. Maybe this story in SPIN magazine about Dee Dee Ramone hanging out w/ some speed but no works in the CBGB bathroom when Sid Vicious walked in, got his spoon out and stuck it in the toilet to load up some works for them?

Or "The Worst Toilet In Scotland" scene from Trainspotting?

Trainspotting Toilet Scene

Vezi mai multe video din film

which really gets cooking about 5:00 into the clip? Love is a rebellious bird indeed!

Actually, I met Sid Vicious & The Sex Pistols at their US debut concert. They were playing next door to the restaurant where I worked while I was in college. I waited on that motley crew as they tried hard, too hard, to show what bad asses they were. Was amusing in a pathetic way. Because I didn't put up with their nonsense, they gave me backstage passes & invited me to the after show party at their hotel. The rest of the story remains private:)

I could live without ever seeing that nasty scene again & feel pretty sure others feel the same.

Anyway, back to the bathroom. Syringe in vial, syringe in skin. Nothing touches anything.

the door! eeek!!

Wow to story!! I love "Pretty Vacant" on my "run fast" playlist!

I'm happy its getting more posts and hope he finds something to go on when he comes back to it. Splitting the dose seems that it will be should be helpful, it just saddens me that he has to do it in a sneaky way. Offer him our knowledge and experiences, a used pump, I don't know, I guess I'm just have inner issues with the family, and me being a caring, involved mom.
Cool story about the Sex Pistols, how you describe them sounds exactly how I imagined they were. I came into punk in the 80s, and have a few stories of my own from the clubs in LA. It feels like a lifetime ago. :)