Please Help!

Hey Guys, I was wondeirng if you could possibly healp me…I’ve been a type one diabetic for over ten years now, and although my control isn’t fantastic, it’s usually kept vaguely on track. But recently, my sugar levels have been screaming high, no matter how much insulin I do, but then I occasionally crash and go hypo. My levels are particularlyt high in the mornings, even if they’ve been okay before bed. It’s really getting to me, and I can’t see a doctor until June. Does anyone know why this is happening to me/what I can do about it? I’m sure you all know how horrible it’s making me feel!

Thanks, Rachael

Sorry to hear Rachael. Blood sugar is affected by all sorts of things from stress, illness etc etc…has there been any change in lifestyle recently or anything out of the ordinary?
Unfiortunately I don’t think there is an easy answer to your control issues - only solution would be to analyse your life to try and find a cause or causes to these issues.

Thanks for the help:) I’ve been off work for a week (stress realted!) so that’s probably not helping…!

I agree w/ Ant. Stress is a huge problem for my control as well. Last week I nearly had to double my basal rate to cover the stress related increase for my defense. One thing that really helped me was exercising to get some of the stress and excess BG out of the way. Good luck and keep positive!


For me sufficient and even basal coverage is the key to good control. Your current A1c of 9.6 translates to a mean blood glucose of 234 mg/dL. In my view this surely indicates that you are lacking basal coverage. You should do basal rate testing with fasting to find out if your basal dosage is correct. What kind of insulin (bolus and basal) are you using?

I agree basal rates are one thing to check by fasting through a meal to see if your bs changes by more than 30 points. Also, I know for my Type I son, getting enough fiber with his breakfast is very important to keep him in range. Take a deep breath and start over - you can correct it!