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The 2008 Medical Weblog Awards Sponsored by Epocrates: Best Patient's Weblog Category

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ummm seriously?! did anyone vote today…purdy’ please… I’ll put this nifty badge on your profile :wink:

c’mon guys!!! this is one of our own!!! (lol at the line about “crap about my caps”)

GO VOTE NOW pleaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeee with a low carb sugar free angel cake with a cherry topped with splenda on it???

I voted 3 days ago:)

Done! She’s doing pretty well - but she could use all of our support!

Just voted :slight_smile:

I voted!

I voted :smiley:

we need more votes people! kerri has a lead… but it’s slim… we need to show these people that the D-community is strong!

You guys are awesome! Thank you for all of your support! :smiley:

I voted!!!

I voted! =) She’s in a pretty good lead, but let’s keep it that way!!!

I just voted, but it is close. keep voting!!!

Rick Phillips


Just voted - thanks for the heads up!!

Got 'R Done! :smiley:


shes ahead by 3% now

I voted! Good Luck to Kerri!

I added my vote! -Carla

Kerri, glad to offer a vote!! Denise