Plotting CGMS and Other Data

Most of the blood sugar meters and CGMS systems have software to let you upload and monitor your blood sugar. I’ve only use the lifescan software and Dexcom software, but have found them both to be not ideal. So I combined the data from Dexcom sensor readings (blue), lifescan BG readings (red), carbohydrate (up arrow), and insulin (down arrow) extracted from my LifeScan Ultra smart meter and added photos of my food (see attached graphs).

I collect this data the week before visiting my doctor and he says it is a fantastic way to visualize how different types of food affect my BG. I think it is a good way to see clearly the complexity of monitoring BG successfully.

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Nice data. Tell me you didn’t cherry pick you best days!!! ; )

What’s you basal rate during the night as compared to the day. I increase mine 3 fold at 11:00 or my sugar rises like a rocket when I sleep. Looks like yours shoots up at night too. Didn’t know if this was normal.

I’m not on a pump. I take 12 units Lantus before bed, then Humalog (pen) before meals. I don’t see any reproducible pattern overnight unless I have a big or high-fat meal or eat late there is a good chance of it going up several hours later that I have trouble controlling.

I’ve attached my average stats for the last 30 days (by hour and histogram by BG) which I like to use to monitor my progress more than individual days. My mean values are fine. There is just still more variation than I’d like. What kind for CGMS do you have?
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I was using lantus and humulog injections for a long time. In December started using the Mimimed pump only because of the CGMS.

Minimed has a site that allows you to upload data and provides free reports. I’ll attach some screen shots later, but it’s a very good for controlling.

I’m still uncomfortable with the tubing of a pump and don’t mind taking a buzzillion injections like I’m a pin cushion. I just have the dexcom+pen.

I always thought that my BG control was much more sensitve to how I estimate the amount of insulin I need (i.e. with counting carbs/fat in my food), than how precisely I can delivery that (often incorrectly estimated) amount of insulin (something a pump is very good at).

I use to take 4-5 shots a day on average. With the pump I can increase my basal for an hour or so, or just give myself bolus’ of one till I sop rising. I hate being tethered but you can’t beat the control.