Pod and working out

I have worn the pump for a year now and completely love it. Most of the time,

I am starting a new rigorous work out routine and have a real fear of tearing it off or sweating so much that the site gets infected badly.

I know athletes use these pods and I am really inspired by them, but needing some tips/suggestions on what people do and where they place the pods for working out and losing weight.

Thanks guys!

Hi Megan,
I’ve been wearing a pod and working out a lot for about a year now. I’m also a farmer so I do all kinds of manual labor out in the sun which can be more vigorous and sweaty than working out! I wear my pod all over the place - back, arms, legs, abdomen - and have never had a problem with sweat causing infection or even making the adhesive peel even the tiniest bit. I did tear it off one time when it was on the back of my arm and playing racket ball - too hard of a swing! Otherwise, no problems at all. Good luck!

I was at 210 four months ago and recently measured in at 186…did some pretty vigorous home workouts with lots of sweating. I really didn’t have to worry about pod placement at all. All the jumping and jiggling and so on doesn’t seem to bother much.
While doing this I was keeping it mostly on my belly, but also on the back of the upper arm.
The worst problem I had so far with exercise and the pump was the other day when I was doing a new yoga move and knocked the pump against the mat, which set the alarm off, and I had to change it. I’ve noticed that sometimes when you bump the pump against something solid, it doesn’t like it very much.
When I was doing a lot of interactive stuff, I always kept the pump on my arm and wrapped it with an athletic bandage so no-one would rip it off.

hope that helps…Jay

I wear mine on the back of my arms. When I work out or am in the woods hunting I use a knee brace I found in Walmart. This one does not have the hole in it for your knee cap and in not jointed. It is like an ace bandage type. I bought a couple of sizes and tried them an picked the one that fits best then returned the others. It works like a charm.

As far as sweating too much and infecting the insertion site, I’ve never had an issue.
During the summer months when I am not only more active for more hours of the day but also sweatier, I will use skin-tac wipes before any pod application. For times like now (not out as much yet), I’ll at least use skin-tac to attach it to my arms (the curvature of my arms seems to accelerate any kind of edge peeling if I don’t use an extra adhesive…but this hasn’t been an issue on my back/sides/stomach).
I also use a shooter sleeve (except the shorter version of this one) when I wear the pod on my arm for swimming.

I’d just try not to put the pod directly where you’re going to lay or press against. For example if you’re going to do a lot of ab work on a medicine ball then placing the pod directly on your rear where you’re going to sit on it is probably not a great idea. Just be mindful of the type of workouts you’re thinking about doing in the next few days and do pod changes/placements accordingly (gotta love how diabetes always makes you look 3 steps ahead like a game of chess or something…).

Good luck w/ your workouts! I think you’ll be great!

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the tips! Like Bradford said, always having to think three steps ahead with diabetes is norm! Just trying to get to a better me with diabetes! :slight_smile:

by the way, I highly, highly recommend this book…


it might seem a bit pricey but it’s completely worth it for all the incredibly detailed info on how to coordinate working out with diabetes care
I also really like her approach of designing experiments to figure out how to handle each issue and activitiy that effects blood sugar
very smart book

Thanks! I follow Ginger on twitter! She seems to know her stuff! :slight_smile:

Ginger is also a member here, so if you have questions I’m sure she would probably love to offer her bit of expertise as well.

cool…thanks! I just discovered this book and it’s been helping a lot already. I’ll check her out :8)


I run & play golf with the Pod. I use a strip of NEXCARE Tape over the pod for extra support. It’s great. trust me.