Pod Error

So today I had number 4 nd 5 pod errors for the WEEK!!! I am so mad. I didn’t know if anyone was experancing this. Its an error on the pod part. I have had occultions but not very offen. Its the same error code and everything. I have called the company and they will replace the pod but thats it. I am MAD

I don’t have a pod but the problem with pod errors is all over most forums. And has been for a long time. Supposedly, their new pod that should come out within another year or so will be a big improvement. Every pump has its downside so you have to choose the one you can live with. Lots of young folks are going for the pod to avoid the tubing. I would rather have the tubing in order to be able to disconnect the pump for showers, etc, and not lose the whole deal if something goes wrong.
I am guessing that these pump errors may come in spurts (from what I read) and then you will have period where everything goes well. In the meantime, you don’t have a tube to be concerned with. It is a trade-off.

Pod users will be able to tell you how to remove the insulin in a bad pod if you want to reuse it and not throw it away.

I have been using Omnipod for almost 4 years. I have never had a problem like you’re describing. I have had an ocassional bad pod, but nothing like that. Maybe it’s just not for you.


I have been using the OmniPod for about three months and have had two pod errors seperated by several weeks. It is VERY frustrating! But, (here it comes!) I would rather do that than go back to shots or worry about tubes. I have had all my failed pods replaced that were not my own fault. My fault being that I sweat so much at times that the adhesive fails and they just fall off. I live in Arizona, its hot here! Or I rip them off my arm by running into something.