Pod Failure Source

At my most recent appointment with my CDE, who started me on the Omnipod, she shared a little tid bit that I thought you all might be interested in. She said that Omnipod had originally used copper for one small piece in the pods (I can’t recall if this is the metal she said, but it was a higher grade metal). To cut costs, they switched the part (to either nickel or aluminum). The batches with the new metal part began to have much higher failure rates, and Omnipod switched back to the original component.

She said I would probably notice that my most recent delivery of Pods had fewer failures (It’s true!). She was very angry that Omnipod had not made her (or us) aware of this until after the fact. Why not just recall those boxes? Anyway, this news made me angry but also glad that the Pods seem to be much more consistent now.

I received my pods about three months ago and have had only one real failure – due to static, according to tech support. I’ve had to change two other pods, both due to occlusions rather than pod failure. Maybe my pods are the “re-improved” version, as I’ve not experienced anywhere near the failure rate some here have reported.