Pod interference with wireless cycling computer?

Hi all,

Just wanted to see if anyone else has encountered issues with their pod/pdm interfering with a wireless cycling computer. I found that I’m getting almost no sensor comm signal to the computer head unit now that I’m on the Omnipod; this means that I’m not getting any data on speed, distance etc.

I’m using a Cateye ‘Micro Wireless’ computer with the sensor mounted on the front fork. I carry the PDM in a tribag on the top-tube, butted up to the head-tube. Just wondering if it might be the proximity of the PDM to the computer head unit that’s causing the problem.

Any thoughts/similar experiences/solutions are welcome.

Cheers… Pete.

The PDM and pod only transmit when you program a bolus, get status, etc. They do not have their antenna enabled nor transmit/receive anything when they are just sitting idle.

I suggest you check your bicycle wireless transmitter/receiver batteries or take it in for service. :frowning:


Thanks for that Gil. Batteries are fine but the computer’s a few years old so likely needs retiring. Wanted to check for known issues before I splashed the cash on a new one. Excuse for a shiny new toy though I guess, so not all bad!

Also, TeamType1 are competitive bicycle racers and some of them use Insulet’s Omnipod system. You might want to double-check with them: http://www.teamtype1.org/

I met Phil Southerland during one of his visits to Insulet back in 2006, when I worked there.


I’ve never had any interference issues (that I know of) between pod communication and my cycling computer. Like Gil said, the PDM and pod would only be talking to one another when you turn the PDM on…so to have the cycling computer losing signal and not recording data sounds like a cycling computer issue and not any sort of interference issue.

I’d also second the recommendation to just put new batteries in both the head unit and the transmitter of the cycling computer (start w/ the batteries since they’re less expensive compared to buying a new computer :slight_smile: Hope you get your bike PC back in working order soon!

Thanks for the input guys. Looks like its the computer that’s had it so time for a new one - may even treat myself to one with a cadence sensor too!