POD site on back and PDM

I placed my last pod on my back. I've done this a handful of times but this is the first time that I've had a problem. Everytime I bolus or turn the PDM on it wants me to move it closer to the site. So EVERYTIME I take a bolus I end up keying in the information and hitting confirm. I always expect it to work and deliver but it always tells me to move the PDM closer. I've never had that happen before and I am finding it really annoying. If it is always going to be this way then I will quit using back sites. Besides if I am in a restaurant I dont really want to be holding my PDM to my back! I'm sure no one would notice but I just think it would look strange.

Anyone else had this problem? I'm hoping it was just a fluke that it is even happening this time

I get that problem intermittently Anngelia. It doesn’t seem to matter which site I use. I’ve had a pod on my lower back since yesterday evening and haven’t experienced it yet.