Pod sometimes sluggish and sometimes great. Why?

I just found this conversation and it’s so reassuring! I know some Omnipod users who absolutely love it, but I have consistently had inconsistency problems since I started on the pods 9 months ago and have thought it was just me, like somehow my body was just not good at consistently absorbing insulin. I’ve tried all the fixes suggested by both my doc and the Omnipod customer service (who are always kind and available even when their suggestions don’t work) to no avail. At any rate, I can really identify with the pod sometimes sluggish/sometimes great comment. I’ve been exploring the TSlim and Animas Ping options and reading about the pod problems others experience is giving me more confidence about making the switch.

If it is an absorption problem, switching pumps may not fix it by itself. You might ALSO need to switch to a different canula length…

Thanks for that suggestion – I have noticed that in the discussion thread. And I like that using a different pump would give me some canula length options.

So you are now on shots @Ali4? Is that right? What fast acting insulin do you use?

I was on medtronic for 14 years (with that one change on pod nightmare). YES YES YES I am on shots and can’t imagine my life on a pump again. I am in Tresiba and on most days (give or take a day) I only need one shot a day and my a1c is 5.3.

@RachelRose, where do/did you wear your pods?

Hi Anthony, I rotate my pods in a pattern that includes my abdomen, the
back of my hips, and my upper arms. I used to use my legs but my numbers
are so much higher when the pod is on my legs that I eventually stopped
using those sites. Because of my frequent rotation and the fact that I’ve
only been on the Omnipod since October, I know that I’m not overusing any
of the sites, and yet I have frequent enough problems that I’m pretty

Ok. Those are all good sites. And you are correct about the legs. I do use my legs sometimes and the insulin response time is much slower.

Have you ever tried to bolus as soon as you do a site change? For some reason when I use my legs or my upper buttocks area I need to immediately give a booster bolus of 1u. This will usually keep me flat-line. If I don’t do this my BG creeps up as if my basal has stopped.

Eddie2, Suggestion: The day and time you change your pod is marked in glooko. You can see those data points and look forward 48-72 hrs. This would be a manual analysis w/o the excel export but the pattern should be evident. They could offer a bunch more data mining tools than they currently do. Would love to be on a focus group panel for that.

In 7 months and have had only 1 pod that acted like I wasn’t really getting any insulin even though the PDM showed “normal” deliveries. The unexected highs lasted until I changed that pod out early. Insulet kindly replaced it. Have never seen any day 3 variations and I use my pods well into the 8 hr expired window. Yes, not to supposed to do that but I like using as much of the reservoir as possible. When changing pods I always bolus right away even if I’m not eating or up the bolus calculation a bit. If not my BG will be too high on day 1. I’m convinced that even though it self primes, the first few day 1 deliveries after a pod change are slightly diluted.

It takes four hours to bring BG down using correction (at least). This might just be the amount of variability that you have. Do you get Dawn Phenomenon?

Jenni-Bean I an on Tresiba and NEVER going back on pump. I wore pod for 1.5 years ans mini med for 14 years. My control is amazing and way better than on my pumps. I have almost no lows and a1c 5.3. I don’t need fast acting 90 % of the time. But if I need it I will take 1 unit of humolog. I can stay active all day and eat small meals and keep blood sugars right on pint!

That’s amazing! I’m asking my Endo about Tresiba when I see him next week:) I hope he says yes and that it’s available in Vancouver. My control is terrible the last couple years I’ve had DKA 3x and I’m gaining weight and just taking more and more insulin.

Sorry - no Tresiba in Canada yet as far as I know.

But ask your endo anyways.

Nooooooooooo! That is soooo disappointing :frowning: Just got my A1C and despite so much effort, it’s still too high at 9.1 I may try a tubed pump until Tresiba comes to Canada, as I can only seem to get my pod to work for me on my stomach and am wondering if different infusion styles for different areas of the body may help???. I know others have luck with the pod, but on my legs arms and back I seem to be higher than normal and I’m majorly over using my stomach.

What about the other new one called Toujeo? I have heard this is similar… same idea last loner than 24 hours.

Toujeo is better than Lantus but not as close as good as Tresiba.

I feel so lucky. Tresiba gave me my life back. Everyday is still incredibly hard but it’s my life again.

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I’m so happy for you @Ali4! I can’t wait till I feel like that…

Did you experience weight changes on Tresiba? I don’t want to gain any additional weight!! I’ve been trying to lose for a while now…

I think it depends on control. Anytime I wasn’t stable and switched to something that worked better there was a little fluctuation. For example from shots to my metronic years ago I gained but I was very unstable on lantus. And when I went from pod back to metronic I gained slightly. But I seriously didn’t think I was getting insulin on pod. No one could tell me why I took less insulin on metronic and had my a1c go from 5.9 to 5.3… seems obvious
I had an eating disorder and know that when the body feels starved it will store everything as a protection response. I figure it was the same all my body knows is it was being starved every time the insulin didn’t absorb. So it would take time for my body to let go of the weight. These are just my theories but it makes sense to me and explains the fluctuations.

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