Podding update

I visited the diabetes clinic yesterday for the first time since beginning the pod a little over two months ago. I got a great report. My A1C had dropped from 7.5 to 5.9 and might have been a little lower had I been on the pod for the entire three months previously. My cholesterol readings were fantastic, as were my triglycerides. My creatinine level dropped about 1 1/2 points, and was only 1/10th of a point above normal range. More good news: my insulin levels are just a shade over half of what I was taking before. This is my first experience with a pump. I previously was on Novolog and Lantus.

Congratulations. It’s great to see the advantage of the pump at work.
I have only been on the pod for two weeks and it is also my first pump. I hope to see similar results, although my A1c is a little less than yours was at the start. My insulin usage is also a little more than half of what it was on MDI.

What is the creatinine level? I have never heard of that test.

Wow thats great congrats! I am just about to start on the POD which will be my 1st pump
and it good to hear of your success.


Congrat’s!!! I just started podding on May 13th…I love it! I go for my A1c’s next month; I hope to see it lower than 7.1…

Creatinine is a measure of kidney function. I’ve been taking Diovan to protect my kidneys from diabetic damage. The medicine actually raises the creatinine level, so seeing it go down is really nice.

Congratulations! I started on the Omnipod on 14 May, and I love it with a capital L!
I can’t believe how easy it is to use. This is also my first experience with a pump. I had my first true hiccup this evening, but the people at Omnipod answered the phone and got me functioning again within minutes.