Pods Stolen Off Porch

I was just wondering if anyone has had their delivery of pods stolen off their porch and if so how did Insulet handle replacing them. FedEx left my package on my porch yesterday and the people who were out delivering phone books in our neighborhood stole my package off the porch. We have them on video tape taking it off our porch. I have reported this to our local police and will be calling Insulet this afternoon to see what they will do about replacing these pods. I would like to know if anyone else has experience this and if so what was the outcome. thx

Oh my gosh! What on earth are they planning to do with them??? How great that you have it all on video.

No we haven’t had this problem. Sorry. I’m very interested to hear what happens. Good luck!

I think you have to tell them to only leave it with signature. I NEVER have anything delivered without even if that means I have to go to the Post office. I am thinking you will have to get the money back from the people that stole it and that should be easy with you having them on tape. I don’t think that Insulet would be responsible for replacing them. Let us know what they say. That is just horrible.

I’ve never had that happen before but I’m sure it must be making you sick. Hopefully the video tape will help you to get the problem resolved quickly. Why some people dont learn as kids to keep thier hands off things that dont belong to them I will never understand. But then it was probably teenagers/kids that were delivering the phone books in the first place. Hopefully the police/their parents can teach them a lesson.

Wow…it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve often wondered just how often this happens with packages left at the door. Aren’t you fortunate to have actual video of the theft. I bet the theif will be surprised with what’s inside. My bet is that IF you had no video…Insulet might have someone sign for uture shipments. They might just do that anyway. At least they will know that you are not trying to “rip them Insulet) off”. Let us know what happens with the thieves. Since they were hired for the delivery of the phone books, they should be easy to track down.

Thanks everyone for responding. I do have some very good news. Insulet is currently replacing the shipment, I have to fax the police report to BCBS. I got a call from the detective who is working this case and they have caught the two guys and currently waiting on a warrant to search their homes. I’m so proud that everything is working out. Insulet has been wonderful and I’ve told them if the box is located I will call them back to see what needs to be done to send one of them back. Today is turning out to a great day. :slight_smile:

Great…I love it when a criminal is caught on camera.


OMG how horrible! My son had a kid take his bag that he has his pdm and strips in…the kid thougth he was taking a camera since it was in a small camera case…and my son is in photography… My son went to find it in his back back and when it was missing went bolistic… they guy gave it back and said he was just “joking” and that he thought it was a camera. Guess if he took it and threw it out we’d have to buy a new one?

I am so sorry you suffered this unneeded stress!

These people work for a company that was Hired to deliver these phonebooks. Do you have a name on the package of the books. I would try to contact them as well as the police.

Wow, what jerks. Thank goodness they are replacing the shipment. I be that was a big fat surprise when they opened the box to find stuff they absolutely could not use. Kinda makes me laugh a little on the inside.

My husband and I said the same thing about when they open the box. They wouldn’t even know what it was. Well I just talked to our local police and they were able to retrieve “some of my belongings”. My husband is on his way over there to pick it up. Now I’m going back and forth with Insulet and BCBS on the police report. The detective wants to talk to the insurance company because this is an open case and there isn’t a lot of information they can release right now. Also, the person who stole my box is wanted in LA and will be sent back there once they are completed with charging him here with this crime. I was told he will go to prison in LA. The last few days have been very stressful and I will be glad when it’s all over.

Lisa, it’s a PITA for you, but you are doing the right thing and are saving others from having to go what you have been through. One less bad guy out there. Thanks. PS I am glad to hear that Insulet was willing to reship your order.

So sorry you are dealing with this! Glad to hear the police have caught them and Insulet treated you well. I’ve often wondered how often this happens too.