Podsjust stated to peel off

podsjust stated to peel off they didn't before. What can I do to stop them on the cheap side

I am from Nova Scotia Canada , what I use is skin tac wipes they are a box of 50 for about 25 bucks there are skin preps but they aren't near as sticky

First, there's the obvious things like making sure your skin is super clean and free of residues from things like soaps, lotions, etc. Next, I use an alcohol wipe. I make absolutely sure that the alcohol on my daughter's skin has completely evaporated, then I use an I.V. Prep wipe on her skin making sure I cover the entire area where the Pod and its adhesive will be. I let that dry just a bit, then apply the Pod while her skin is still "tacky." The key is to not let the fluid from the I.V. Prep wipe dry too long, or it will no longer be tacky and won't do what it's supposed to do. If the adhesive starts to peel up around the edges before it's time for a Pod change, I tape it down with some Opsite Flexifix (which is available by the roll from Amazon.com).

I’ve been having the same problem. Started using co-flex bandage to hold it on while running when it’s on my arm. Haven’t had any problems when they are on other body parts.