PodWatch Environmentally friendly Pod disposal


Thanks for the info, Lorraine. It’s a shame that the pods can’t be reused somehow.


When I used a MiniMed continuous glucose monitor for five days last month, the rep told me that they are working on a system very similar to the pods we use now. One significant difference: the batteries and “brain” are reused for three months. Users will replace the reservoir and cannula parts but the “base” will stay the same. The pod will still have to be removed and placed on another site every three days just as we do now. The difference is that only a small part of each pod will be disposed of each time. He told me that the batteries in my pod right now can last three months but they just get thrown away because of the design.

Interesting. I keep thinking that if I had to get diabetes, I picked the right time with all of the innovations going on.