Poem For Invisible Disability Week 2015

Re-posting this from facebook at the encouragement of the wonderful Emily Coles!

My afternoon recorded and posted in honor of 2015 Invisible Disability Week… My attempt to render mine visible:

Is when your post-exam migraine
Becomes your sweaty tachycardia
And your heart races as you do for your
Gastroparetic vomit to make it in the sink.
And your peri-migraine grape leaves that you
Bolused for so carefully betray your
Blood cells with the hypoglycemia of
Glucose, left.
So now your sweaty tachycardia rides your
Low blood sugar just like it had your dysautonomia.
And you think through your hypoglycemic confusion,
bless my brain fog-
If I comprehended this reality I might get


this is a powerful, raw poem. thank you for posting it, as many of us aren’t on facebook.

Invisible Illness week starts Monday the 28th. I encourage other poets to post here.


Brava, @Katie13. Powerful, evocative imagery. Thank you…Judith…


Thank you for the feedback… it is much appreciated.