Polar Heart Rate Monitors

On May 5, 2008 at 9:41am John Sangdahl asks,

Does anyone here use a polar watch to see how their workout effects their blood sugars?

I use a Polar F6 when I work out, but have no idea how I would use it to check blood glucose effects! I do check before and after my workouts, and if it’s a long/multi-part workout, I’ll often check BG in the middle and correct if necessary.

Am I missing something?

My bg are effected on how many calories I burn. If I burn over 1000 then my liver dumps. I us my polar to check this.

You can use a polar or you can use “rate of perceived effort” (RPE). Basically, for me, the higher intensity (higher HR or RPE) I am working out at, the more insulin I need (as long as it’s not too much!!)

It might be interesting to look at pre/post exercise BG’s and average/max HRs for a given run distance or time, for example, at the same time every day, and see what happens. Sounds like a great experiment!