Political activism in the midst of a high fever


I pride myself of the fact that both my kids are very politically aware for their ages. Through my work with UNICEF they’ve been exposed to a lot of the conflicts and disasters through out the world (in an age appropriate manner) and they’ve seen first hand how ordinary people can make a difference.

I never really knew how much of it they were absorbing but I found out today…

For the last three nights Aidan has had a fever (ranging from 101 – 103.7.) As his fever rose, Aidan often started rambling on and on about random topics. Mostly he would ramble on about a new fire station he thought was being built and what would happen to the old fire station. As his fever lowered, the worries subsided and Aidan would go back to sleep.

Early this morning Aidan came running into my bedroom yelling “Mommy, Mommy you have to call the president.” I let him know the president was probably still sleeping and got him some Advil to lower the fever. As I was tucking Aidan back into bed he said, “Mommy, you really have to call the president. I know I’m just a little boy but you’ve got to tell him that if he vetoes the stem cell bill again we’re moving back to Canada. Then maybe he will listen.” I gave him a kiss and told him we’d do our best to get a stem cell bill passed. He fell back asleep pretty quickly.

It’s looking like the worst of the fever might be over (down under 101 this morning.) Aidan doesn’t remember coming into my bedroom early this morning but it is a one of those moments in time I will never forget.